Corn Health Benefits



  • Anti cancer
  • Anti tooth decay
  • Reduce blood cholesterol (Corn oil)
  • Useful for colon
  • Treatment of eczema (Corn oil)
  • Useful for vessels
  • Corn silk :
  • Increase urine (Brewed corn silk)
  • Anti bladder stones
  • Anti bladder pain
  • Useful for urinary duct disease
  • Anti bladder inflammation
  • Cleaner of urinary duct
  • Leaf, root and stem of corn :
  • Treatment gonorrhea
  • Prevent nose bleed (Brewed corn stems)
  • Eliminate bladder stone ( Brewed corn leaf)
  • Treatment of urinary duct irritation (Brewed corn root)


  • Some people have sensitivity to corn
  • People use hart drugs do not use corn
  • High consumption of corn is harmful for diabetes