Basil Health Benefits



  • Increase urine
  • Anti migraine
  • Strengthen the digestive system
  • Anti inflammation
  • Treatment of insect bites (Insect bite site massage with basil leaf)
  • Useful for mouth ulcers (Chewing basil leaf)
  • Anti fever (Boiled basil)
  • Increase milk in lactating mothers (Basil leaf)
  • Anti dizziness
  • Useful for digestion
  • Anti spasmodic
  • Anti warts
  • Anti depression
  • Useful for memory
  • Anti fungal
  • Basil seed :
  • Sedative
  • Relieve abdominal pain
  • Treatment of kidney inflammation (Brewed basil seeds)


  • Basil essential oil in do not use pregnancy and lactating mothers
  • Basil do not use with nerve system drugs and lowering drugs of blood sugar