561 Pharmacology Properties PRIVACY POLICY

561 Pharmacology Properties have high esteem for your privacy and gives total effort in keeping your sensitive private information on the cyberspace, secured. We understand the value of the personal information you give to us, especially the information regarding your health. We have high regard for the trust and assurance which you have put upon us and have high admiration for it. 561 Pharmacology Properties will attempt to treat the information about you; we receive on the Internet with care.

We treat your “personal data” according to the laws of India and other relevant local laws which regulate the process, access and transfer of personal data. 561 Pharmacology Properties uses data provided by you to measure our site use and to improve our website, so that, we can serve you better. Your personal data that we may collect, is used only by us to respond to any of your queries, process any order or allow you to access particular information for analytical research purposes or complying with regulatory or legal requirements.

It is also notified that 561 Pharmacology Properties website may contain links to other websites. We try our best to have links to our websites which are in compliance with our norms, privacy policies and high standards in the market; however, we are not accountable for the web content or privacy policies deployed by other websites.